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All About Osteoporosis

January 3, 2022

Did you know your bones are continually remodeling? Small amounts of bone tissue are absorbed by the body while small amounts are replaced. When more bone is lost than replaced, the density of the bones diminishes, weakening the bone structure. … Read more

NEOSM Partners with Montefiore

December 16, 2021

Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is proud to announce our partnership with Montefiore Health System. We’re excited to provide the same level of exceptional care to our patients with the support of Montefiore. Read the press release below to learn … Read more

NEOSM/Montefiore Partnership FAQs

December 13, 2021

Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (NEOSM) is proud to announce that we are now part of the Montefiore Health System! Through this partnership, NEOSM will continue providing the highest level of care to our community with the support and resources … Read more

How to Prepare for Your Orthopedic Visit

December 2, 2021

Whether you are scheduled for a consultation or in need of immediate medical care, the providers at Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are committed to making sure you leave our office knowledgeable and comfortable with your treatment. With a little … Read more

Hudson Valley Top Doctors 2021

November 1, 2021

It is with great pride that we announce the NEOSM physicians named to Hudson Valley magazine’s Top Doctors list for 2021. Congratulations to the following doctors for the acknowledgement of their tireless commitment to their patients. Orthopedic Surgery Physical Medicine … Read more

The Rise of One-Sport Injuries

November 1, 2021

As a parent, it’s easy to go “all-in” on a sport your child really enjoys or excels in. But studies are showing that playing the same sport for three or more seasons of the year is resulting in a spike … Read more

NEOSM 2021 ‘Pink for Hope’

October 28, 2021

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, NEOSM staff once again wore pink in support of all those affected by breast cancer and in an effort to bringing awareness to early detection. Here are pictures from our annual Pink for … Read more

How to Care for Your Cast

October 4, 2021

We know it’s not the best news when you or your child need to be placed in a cast. But your orthopedic knows it’s the best course of action for your injury to heal properly. For however long it needs … Read more

Backpack Safety Tips

September 9, 2021

School’s back in session. And we know kids can be weighed down, literally, with school work, leading to back and neck pain. The help minimize the risk of injury, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons shares their guidelines to carry … Read more

5 Signs Your Child May Be Overtraining

September 2, 2021

When watching young athletes in motion, it’s easy to think they have a boundless cache of energy and stamina. So daily practices, rigorous game schedules and continued training shouldn’t be a problem, right? Actually, no. Overtraining can actually deteriorate an … Read more

Paying Attention to Your Needs

In 2011, a survey discovered that people pay more attention to their health and become more engaged in their medical care when they have easy access to online engagement. Our Patient Portal allows you access to a variety of resources anytime, anywhere.

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