NEOSM Gives Back for the Holidays

December 16, 2019

With generous contributions from our staff and physicians, Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is proud to have donated an incredible amount toys and pantry items in support of the East Ramapo Central School District (ERCSD) Family Center. Donations will be distributed to those in our community in need this holiday season. A big THANK YOU … Read more

Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

December 2, 2019

By: Alan Gotesman, MD Are you experiencing pain in your hand waking you up at night?  Do you have tingling in the fingers when you are driving or holding your phone? Is it getting difficult for you to manipulate small objects like buttons or clasps? You may have carpal tunnel syndrome.  Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs … Read more

Hudson Valley Top Docs 2019

November 14, 2019

Northeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is beyond proud to announce that twelve of our physicians have been named Top Doctors by Hudson Valley magazine. Congratulations to our doctors for this recognition of their commitment to exceptional care! Hudson Valley Magazine Top Doctors 2019 Orthopedic Surgery Kenneth Austin William Davis Barry Kraushaar Mark Medici Patrick Murray … Read more

Where Tech Meets Tech Can Help Your Knee

October 31, 2019

By: Dr. Barry Kraushaar Total knee replacement is evolving in ways that will improve outcomes for our patients in the future. While around 95% of knee replacements are good or excellent at five years, there is still room to reduce problems with Total Knee cases in the future. Two areas where technology is guiding surgery outcomes … Read more

NEOSM Staff Go ‘Pink for Hope’

October 21, 2019

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and NEOSM is proud to celebrate survivors, bring awareness to early detection and support research efforts to find a cure. On October 18th, our staff participated in our ‘Pink for Hope’ day by proudly wearing pink and contributing to the American Cancer Society.  We’re so thankful for their show … Read more

Is the sport you love causing you pain? Understanding Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow

September 27, 2019

By: Dr. Neal Shuren Tennis and golf are two of the most popular sports, especially amongst adults. As enjoyable as they are to play, overuse can lead to pain of the elbow, commonly called Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow. Both tennis and golfer’s elbow are very common and affect both men and women, mostly between the … Read more

NEOSM Annual Backpack Drive

September 6, 2019

Once again, NEOSM has had the honor to support the amazing team at the East Ramapo Central School District Family Resource Center by providing school supplies and backpacks for the children of our community. Our physicians and employees contributed a countless number of back-to-school basics that are necessary for the students in our area to … Read more

Thumb Arthritis

August 28, 2019

By: Dr. Doron Ilan Do you have? Pain in thumb and/or wrist with activities that involve gripping, grasping or pinching, such as opening a jar, turning a key, or taking milk out of the fridge Swelling and tenderness at the base of the thumb (fleshy part) An aching discomfort after prolonged use such as writing  … Read more

Arthritis: Defined

August 5, 2019

By: Dr. Arup Bhadra What is the second most common health problem after the common cold? Arthritis. About 54 million adults are diagnosed with a type of arthritis*, the inflammation of one or more of your joints. Arthritis can occur in any joint in the body, but most often, it develops in weight-bearing joints like … Read more

You’ve torn your ACL, now what?

July 3, 2019

By: Dr. Barry Kraushaar The diagnosis of a torn ACL can be scary for any athlete. Fortunately, you can get back to your sport with proper evaluation and treatment. Here’s a better understanding of what you may be dealing with and your options. Your knee is a hinge-type joint that is held together by ligaments. … Read more

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